Earn Honey, Swag Bucks, and Survey Sites

Greetings All,

Starting today, a brand new New York Dynamic Residential VPN service has been released to serve our survey users, Swag Bucks, and Earn Honey customers. This new dynamic vpn network gives each client access to a full 128 New York residential ip addresses. As this is a dynamic vpn service, the vpn server will will the user a new ip address each time the user connects or re-connects to this vpn server.

Now the first question may come to mind: is there a free trial available? The answer to that is YES. We are handing out 1 hour trial accounts today so you can see the network and its abilities before you make the decision on whether to buy it or not.
To request access to the new Verizon New York Residential Dynamic VPN for your trial, simply request access through Skype: iaps_support (IAPS Administrative Support).

We will also be releasing new lines of U.S. City-Specific IPv6 proxies. We are currently building new categories in our store area specifically for this purpose and will make a more formal announcement on Monday regarding this. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks.

Best Regards,
IAPS Central Management


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